About me

I just love writing! Whether magazine articles, short stories, poems, moods, reflections or humour, and now my first children's book, I aim to keep right on writing!  

I was born in New Milton Hampshire but grew up in London and now live in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Growing up, my inspiration was Enid Blyton's Famous Five books. I lived, breathed, slept, ate and fantasized with them on their Island with Timmy the dog, applauding their triumph over nasty characters and full of wonder at their daring. Other loves: The Water Babies, Peter Pan with his ticking crocodile, Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories and Longfellow's Hiawatha. Later murder mysteries and historical novels took over. 

My publications:

Adventures of the Time-Travelling Friends

Over 50 Articles for the Hertfordshire Country Magazine (local)

5 Articles and poem for The Countryman Magazine (national)

The Archangel and the White Hart: An Anthology by members of Verulum Writers Circle

Saucy Shorts for Chefs: Short story for Breast Cancer Campaign with recipe (Foreword by Antony Worrell Thompson)

Havering On: An Anthology by members of the Havering Writers Circle

A, B, See Sign!: An inter-active CD on British Sign Language for children (Foreword by Lord Ashley of Stoke MP)

My favourite authors:

George R.R. Martin: A Game of Thrones series - Bloody and murderous gripping tales of long ago

J.D. Robb for fast, snappy American banter and excellent story-line

Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth series

Edward Rutherfurd for his wonderful tales through the ages that show us, through ancestors and their descendants, how we arrived at where we are today.

Sarah Dunant for an all-consuming dive into history

Lindsey Davis for a sideways view of life in Roman times with her unlucky hero (who always ends up doing the right thing) Marcus Didius Falco

Most surprising read: Giacomo Casanova: The Story of My Life.  So unexpected,  witty and sharp. A white-knuckle ride through his life.

Shakespeare: my enduring love. I am so lucky living within reach of Shakespeare's Globe with its wide variety of productions. Shakespeare was a master of the human condition understanding and so accurately portraying human emotions with such a depth of feeling, awareness and insight. His comedies still bring laughter today and his tragedies still chill.

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