Friday, 21 February 2014

Beth's New Blog

Hello!  I'm Beth Jenkins. Have you read of my adventures with my friend Meg from 200 years ago in Adventures of the Time Travelling Friends?  I went to stay with funny old Aunt Hippo while my mum went into hospital to have my baby brother Ben. While I was there, Meg appeared in my room one day.  Although she lived a long time ago, somehow she found me and we became good friends switching between 2014 and 1785.  We had such adventures trying to find Meg's stolen silver cup and looking after her 4 wonderful horses. Do you like horses? I'm back home now but I still think about Meg all that time ago.  What would she think of our world today?  Would she like nail polish, pink hair, funky dancing, videos and One Direction? There wasn't any of this back in 1785.  Why not leave a comment and tell me what Meg would like?  Would you like to have lived 200 years ago?